Brand New Brand

Brand New Brand

Release: May 2021
Volume: 256 pages
Format: 24 × 28 cm
Price: 39.90 

The current situation may feel uncertain and unsettling, but while the pandemic has posed new challenges for brands in nearly every industry, social distancing also means that our need to connect is stronger than ever. It is vital for businesses to create communities centered around their brands, and the pandemic may well act as an accelerator to put values into practice that have become increasingly important to customers, such as a call for greater diversity, more social responsibility, better ethics and a stronger focus on sustainability. More than ever, brands need to think holistically.
It is true, branding can help businesses break through the noise, build trust and recognition, but it is so much more than just a look or a logo. Branding is creating the emotional reaction a company can elicit from its customers by sharing meaningful moments with people to create empathy, respect, satisfaction and delight–this is when the relationship with the brand really begins.

“Brand New Brand” is a compendium of the best visual identities recently created for businesses from all over the world. It shows how well-considered, holistic branding can take a bakery, a solar panel installer, a gym that serves as an inclusive workout space for all body types, a Black-owned social and wellness clubhouse, a physiotherapist or even a waste management business that is using circular solutions, from one of a crowd to one in a million. It shows how, in an era of pandemics and political and economic instability, creative, innovative thinking is the greatest asset.
In-depth case studies explore the ideas currently shaping the field of branding, such as the use of traditional techniques or the reinterpretation of local visual languages. This expertly curated collection with a foreword by Astrid Stavro, an internationally-renowned graphic designer and partner at Pentagram’s London office, explains the context, the thinking, and the inspiration behind the design. As many of the projects in this book show, if you have a good idea that has been well crafted, so much can be achieved with even the most modest of budgets. Whatever the scope of the project, there is always space for surprise and innovation, a way to do things differently, and push things further.




May 2021


256 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

24 × 28 cm




stitch bound, Hardcover



Brand New Brand