Brand Strategy Kit

Brand Strategy Kit

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Whether you are launching a new brand or leveling up an existing one, the Brand Strategy Kit will give you a structure and a gamified approach to narrow in on your vision, crystallize your offering, and define your brand’s strategy.

Why Brand Strategy Kit?
The Brand Strategy Kit will take you through the inside-out branding process in a playful way. At the end of the process, you’ll create a Brand Canvas that contains all the core components of your brand.

The Brand Canvas will give you that blissful “Aha!” moment of clarity and serve as a brand brief for your partners, collaborators, or team.

Shoot for the stars and let this Kit be an additional pair of wings for your successful flight!

What's included?
– Brand Strategy Workbook
– Brand Canvas Template (A2)
– 200 Style Cards
– 12 Brand Archetype Cards
– 40 Brand Personality Cards
– 20 Tone of Voice Cards

Why choose this Kit?
– Gives you a tried-and-true pen-and-paper process
– Corrals everything you need into one place
– Gives you a structure so you can focus
– Makes it a fun process!





Brand Strategy Kit