Cercle Magazine #5 – Oceans

Cercle Magazine #5 – Oceans

Release: April 2017
Volume: 140 pages
Format: 20 × 26,5 cm
Price: 18.00 

For its fifth issue, Cercle Magazine, french, independent and topical magazine published once per year is diving deep inside Oceans through the vision and interviews of artists, professional, sociologists, designers, etc.

Christian Sardet, marine biologist; Anne Quéméré, solo sailor; Jeff Divine, photographer; Patrick Piguet, curator of the Oceanic Museum collections in Monaco; Nelson Cazeils, doctor in sociology; Patrick Arzelies, underwater acoustics specialist

Portfolio: Francesca Piqueras, photography; Jacob Jugashvili, painting; Min Jung-Yeon, painting / illustration; Titus Simoens, photography; Tadao Cern, photography; Rob Bailey, illustration; Christy Lee Rogers, photography; Shane Gross, photography; Elsa Leydier, photography; Stephen Abela, painting; Bernhard Lang, photography
Font: Mário Vinícius
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Cercle Studio


April 2017

Format in cm (w × h × d)

20 × 26,5 cm


140 pages



Cercle Magazine #5 – Oceans