Cercle Magazine #7 – Volcanoes

Cercle Magazine #7 – Volcanoes

Release: April 2019
Volume: 136 pages
Format: 20 × 26,5 cm
Price: 18.00 

Cercle Magazine #7 – Volcanoes is all about Volcanoes! Rocks, magma, strata, stones, explosion, lava, fumaroles... With Cercle, 2019 will definitely be under the aegis of geology. Monster made of lava and ashes, the volcano impresses, but is also a source of fascination and beauty, a marker of the world's health and dynamism. And when the lava buries all its surroundings, it is the creative energy and the destructive passion that this issue calls for. With four interviews of professionals working in art, cinema, volcanology, sociology, plus a portfolio introducing ten artists, photographers or illustrators interviewed about their practice, this seventh issue of Cercle Magazine will be the most explosive of all!

Content: Jacques-Marie Bardintzeff (Interview, France), Anton Moglia & Jérémy Landes / Velvetyne Type Foundry (font design, France), Léo Puel (Films, France), Maria Medem (Portfolio, Spain), Daesung Lee (Portfolio, South Korea), Émilie Fernandez & Alexandre Rochon (Music, France), André Demaison (Interview, France), Perrine Lotiron (Fashion, Canada), Agata Felluga (Food, Italy/France), Emmanuelle Pidoux (Portfolio, France), Verene de Hutten (Publication, France), Marion Cole (Translation, France), and many many more…


Cercle Association

Art Direction

Cercle Studio, Maxime Pintadu


April 2019

Format in cm (w × h × d)

20 × 26,5 cm


136 pages




PilowLava (Velvetyne Type Foundry)

Cercle Magazine #7 – Volcanoes