Cercle Magazine #9 – Flowers

Cercle Magazine #9 – Flowers

Release: April 2021
Volume: 140 pages
Format: 20 × 26,5 cm
Price: 18.00 

Insects are attracted to flowers because of their shape, color and smell. They gather pollen and then move it away from the reproductive organ. Beyond this evolutionary pattern, flowers fascinate another species: humankind.
Elevated to the rank of muse by science and the arts, they were dissected over the years, petal by petal, and remain an infinite subject for poets, researchers and lovers. Their beauty is only matched by their ephemerality, mankind continues to explore, categorise, preserve and reproduce the flower, or rather flowers. Because they express themselves in their diversity. Both as a universal language, symbol of revolts and passions or cautious diplomat of a protocol, they also bloom in the private sphere, and accompany life’s stages and events.
As spring begins, flowers blossom in the pages of this ninth edition, cultivated, ornamental, extracted and enjoyed for the pleasure of our senses. A pleasure to give, a joy to receive.

Interviews: Alain Baraton, Head gardener of the Jardins du château de Versailles, Charlotte Urbain, Maison de Parfums Fragonard, Sophie Rouart, heritage collections of Maison Pierre Frey, Sylvie Albrand Bolmont, edible flower producer
Portfolio: Alex MacLean (USA), Luiza Holub (United Kingdom), Akatre (France), Tristan Hollingsworth (USA), Phil Greenwood (United Kingdom), Johanna Rocard (France), Mike Willcox (USA), Mao Lizi (China), Santtu Mustonen (Finland)
Font design: Picaflor, Ariel Martín Pérez
Selection: Maison Lemarié, Lotus temple, William Morris, Thousands, Offrir des fleurs, Xavier Antin, Karl Blossfedt, Najia Mehadji, Macoto Murayama, Viv Lee...
Contributors : Stella Ammar, Sandra Bideau, Marion Cole, Louise von Cronenberger, Christopher Dessus, Christelle Dion, Emilie Fernandez, Simon Pages, Anna Philippi, Léo Puel


Cercle Association

Art Direction

Cercle Studio, Maxime Pintadu


140 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

20 × 26,5 cm




Picaflor by Ariel Martin Perez


April 2021

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Cercle Magazine #9 – Flowers