Corporate Language – das Praxisbuch

Corporate Language – das Praxisbuch

Volume: 224 pages
Format: 17 × 24 cm
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Corporate Language is the interface of the future!
Companies that successfully position themselves in the market have one thing in common: they speak a unique, distinctive and recognizable language as part of their corporate identity.
They talk to their customers and not about them. They speak recognizable and understandable, consistent and consistent across all brand contact points. And often in different national languages. They understand this language as an essential part of their corporate identity and culture. And they let this language live.
How do you create such a distinctive and independent corporate language for your company, your brand, your institution? Or for your clients?
Language can answer the question of what a brand stands for, language can highlight differences and extend the lead. Language can address specific target groups, values can be clasped. It can describe complex things in a simple way and thus create proximity. It can condense information, transform the abstract into tangible and thus understandable stories and narratives. Language conquers hearts when it hits the words and tone of voice of the target group. Then it wins hearts and inspires purchase decisions or triggers sympathy. People understand each other - in the truest sense of the word.
This book provides the answer. Practical and tried and tested.
Not with boring theory, but with real cases that led to success. And provide you with inspiration, know-how and arguments. Supported by tools that make your everyday corporate language work easier.
Guaranteeing you success and efficiency. And with numerous before-and-after examples that clearly and lastingly convey text competence.


Verlag Hermann Schmidt


Eva Finkbeiner

Format in cm (w × h × d)

17 × 24 cm


224 pages




cloth binding with two-color hot foil stamping and two ribbons



Corporate Language – das Praxisbuch