Das Plakat isst eine Fläche.

Das Plakat isst eine Fläche.

Volume: 236 pages
Format: 12 × 23
Price: 30.00 

Are posters still surfaces that catch the eye? Can they tell a continuous story, a “Poster Novel,” as the original design working title was called?

Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences looks back on a diverse and lively tradition of posters. Starting in 1968 with Uwe Loesch’s corrugated cardboard posters, through the typographic excellence of Helfried Hagenberg, Fons Hickmann, and Andreas Uebele, to contemporary works by talented students, that sometimes extend into digital space and augmented reality.

Some of the posters shown in this book have continued their lives beyond the university: they are part of collections such as the MoMA in New York, or the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich. Recognized for their exemplary design, many have received numerous awards.

Now these posters have been brought together: Das Plakat isst eine Fläche. (a German wordplay for “The poster eats/is a surface”). Like in a galley proof, texts and images are set on a continuous strip, to be later cut and bound into a book—a poster novel.

This book contains posters from Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences since 1968. Featuring works by Inga Albers, Heribert Birnbach, Dieter Fuder, Wolf Erlbruch, Hilde Gahlen, Tino Graß, Fons Hickmann, Holger Jacobs, Wilfried Korfmacher, Anika Kunst, Laurent Lacour, Uwe Loesch, Alexander Mainusch, Jens Müller, Stephanie Passul, Charlotte Rohde, Lilo Schäfer, Thomas Spallek, Philipp Teufel, Andreas Uebele, Piotr Zapasnik, and many more.


“A homage to the creative freedom and tireless spirit of designers who have the knack for turning a simple surface into a work of art.” Grafikmagazin


Longlist Die Schönsten Deutschen Bücher 2024, Stiftung Buchkunst


Slanted Publishers


Eric Fritsch, Filip Zdrojewski, HSD PBSA—Faculty of Design, Linus Knappe, Uwe J. Reinhardt, Victor Malsy


Eric Fritsch, Filip Zdrojewski, Linus Knappe

Format in cm (w × h × d)

12 × 23


236 pages




Book block with open thread stitching, offset printing, Poster index on DIN A2 affiche paper as dust wrapper, full color





Das Plakat isst eine Fläche.