Design intersektional unter die Lupe nehmen

Design intersektional unter die Lupe nehmen

Release: 12/2023
Volume: 220 pages
Format: 13 × 18 × 1
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SPOD #12: Design intersektional unter die Lupe nehmen. Gestaltung als Komplize von Diskriminierung und als widerständiges Werkzeug

What do the design of body scanners at airports, crash test dummies and automatic soap dispensers have in common? These objects appear neutral and universal, but they (re)produce gender-binary, sexist and racist exclusions. Design thus repeatedly—consciously or unconsciously - becomes an accomplice in processes of discrimination.
In order to critically question one's own position as a designer, an intersectional understanding of power is required, which is based on the theories of Black feminism of the 80s and 90s. Kimberlé Crenshaw's concept of intersectionality refers to the overlap of “race/class/gender” in order to make the complex experiences of discrimination of Black women visible and to create an analytical framework for multi-discrimination.
This book provides an overview of where and by whom design and intersectionality are already being considered and practiced together. It presents alternative design practices, techniques and collectives, such as Respectful Design and Design Justice, which reinterpret design as an emancipatory tool. Practice-based interviews with intersectional feminist designers examine how different “designing otherwise” can look.


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13 × 18 × 1


220 pages


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Design intersektional unter die Lupe nehmen