FFCGN—Die Macht der Bilder Vol. 3

FFCGN—Die Macht der Bilder Vol. 3

Release: October 2023
Volume: 176 pages
Format: 16 × 24
Price: 18.00 

The world is made up of a thousand colors, and no sound is like another. It’s noisy! We have finally accepted the dissonances because we are not all cut from the same cloth. Yet, we live under the same sun together. This year’s key visual, created by Holger Risse, takes into account a complex spirit of the times: it poses the tricky question of what still connects us despite all our differences.

There is a need for spaces for encounters. Only through encounters does the diverse “beauty of being human in our society” (Jovanovic) come to shine. Let’s let it shine together with FFCGN – die Macht der Bilder Vol. 3!

Here you’ll learn all about the power of images in film, pop culture, art and society—in this book, at FILM FESTIVAL COLOGNE from October 19th to 26th, 2023, and always on the net. Once more, this publication gathers and selects a diverse range of content from the realm of motion pictures. This book is a showcase. The editors engage in conversations with individuals who inspire them. It offers a glimpse into their work, both at FILM FESTIVAL COLOGNE and in broader contexts. It presents a selection of the top-notch content they endorse.


Slanted Publishers

Chief Editorship

Martina Richter

Head of Text

Timothy Bidwell

Art Direction

Holger Risse


Christina Bröker, Christopher Wienand, Leon Ulmen, Sebastian Matheis, Sonja Hofmann, Sven von Reden


Juliane Nöst, Slanted Publishers, Lars Harmsen


October 2023

Format in cm (w × h × d)

16 × 24


176 pages




Stober Medien


full-color printing, Softcover with flaps, Swiss brochure, thread stitching



FFCGN—Die Macht der Bilder Vol. 3