Im Nahbereich

Im Nahbereich

Volume: 54 pages
Format: 18.5 × 19.5 cm
Price: 10.00 

The title, “Im Nahbereich,” translates as “in the immediate vicinity,” which is where Andres Seltzer took the photographs featured in this book. Using an endoscope with attached light projector, he explored the things that surround him: a wallet, his mother’s sewing box, the pocket of his girlfriend’s jacket, a bag of toys ... Seltzer’s endoscopies lead us into the small world of household goods, clothing, and all the things we feel at home with.

The search for new perspectives on the familiar, the playful gesture, and the joy of discovery are key elements of Andreas Seltzer’s work. At a flea market, he noticed, by a lucky coincidence, that the size of the round, centrally placed cut-outs of traditional record dust sleeves was an almost perfect fit for his centered endoscopic photographs. Thus, he discovered a relation and a plethora of possible combinations of these respective items of domestic intimacy.

A kind of introspection emerges in “Im Nahbereich”– the afterglow of dialogues between things, of dialogues framed in the pitch black of mythical tales.


Fantôme Verlag (formerly known as Maas Media Verlag)


Andreas Seltzer


English, German

Format in cm (w × h × d)

18.5 × 19.5 cm


54 pages





Im Nahbereich