Limited Coexist Special Edition / Magazine + Shirt

Limited Coexist Special Edition / Magazine + Shirt

Release: October 2020
Price: 29.00 

On occasion of the release of Slanted Magazine #36—Coexist, a limited special edition has been published which is exclusively available in the Slanted Shop. The edition contains a high-quality shirt from Reell with a design by the AGI member Andrew Ashton + Slanted Magazine #36—Coexist. Show your love!

Coexist–One and all, me and we
Born in 1969, Andrew Ashton grew up in between the leafy suburbs of Sydney, and rural life in the Blue Mountains, Australia. Ashton works as a graphic designer, image-maker, strategic communicator, educator, writer, gardener and parent. His creative practice is paradoxical; a meeting of artful and strategy, research and inquiry, people, and place, clients renowned and modest.

In September 2020 Ashton explained “All living things, including people are facing incredible changes and adaptations (as they have for eons), and yet have to get on with the business of living. I wanted to make a motif that spirited Coexist, that could be understood with little explanation, as a semiotic. I questioned our senses and Coexist in the context of a black and white poster image. Can Coexist be an emotion? Can Coexist be an action? How do you see Coexist? Can Coexist be simply defined? The dictionary defines Coexist–as an attitude of existing together or at the same time. In my poetic brain I responded with a line of copy: Coexist–One and all, me and we. Everything fell into place from that notion.”

Slanted × Reell—A perfect fit
Founded in 1997 with a simple idea, functional, well-designed pants, Reell is a pan-European brand on a mission to innovate. Well beyond simply being a pants specialist, their backbone remains quality products at honest prices. A passion for aesthetic and clean design makes what they are. The Reell family has grown with athletes, artists, and free spirits who manage to pursue their passion and remain true to themselves. These individuals represent who they are.

The shirt is available in a unisex size of S–XL. To find the right size, please check Reell’s size chart online.

Photos by Reell


Slanted Publishers


Andrew Ashton




October 2020




180 grams combed cotton jersey


S, M, L, XL


250 pieces

Limited Coexist Special Edition / Magazine + Shirt