Paperscraper® “Skyscraper Downtown”

Paperscraper® “Skyscraper Downtown”

Format: 9 x 9 x 40
Price: 35.00 

With the Skyscraper you get a skyscraper classic and probably the highest and most sustainable notepad in the world on your desk. It measures a full 40 cm, making it a real highlight. Lack of commodities? Not on your desk! If you use up one of its 3,500 pieces of paper every working day, the block will last you for the next 10 years.
The cuboid is the original shape of many well-known architectural forms. And exactly these skyscrapers—brutalist concrete blocks and now cult prefabricated buildings—are the templates for our notepad blocks! Loosely based on original buildings, the first edition of Paperscraper® presents three models of these typical building forms on a scale of 1:250.


Seltmann Publishers

Art Direction

Stefan Küstner


3500 Notes (non-sticky), glued in a block with a photorealistic color cut

Format in cm (w × h × d)

9 x 9 x 40



Paperscraper® “Skyscraper Downtown”