Sprache als Ereignis – Ein allegorischer Liebesbrief

Sprache als Ereignis – Ein allegorischer Liebesbrief

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Students spent two semesters researching at the Faculty of Design of the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences under the direction of by Professor Irmgard Sonnen and Dr. Kathrin Tillmanns with a comprehensive research and redesign of “Ideen. Das Buch Le Grand” by Heinrich Heine. The phenomena of standstill and movement, the rapid change of style and language levels, the crossing of genre boundaries, the principle of collage, the pairs of opposites were examined by means of corresponding design elements for typography, layout and visual language. Pictorial concepts were developed in the form of photographs or photomontages, always with the aim of creating a dialogical function to Heine’s texts, which open up their own level of reflection for the viewer. Media-specific designs were developed for the book as an object, the medium poster and a light installation.
Speakers: Prof.in Irmgard Sonnen, Dr. Kathrin Tillmanns
Students: Adriana Bareikyte, Wibke Bramesfeld, Sara Cesari, Katti Dehdari, Jill Alisa Fingerhut, Anna Gepting, Melissa Kappel, Lisa Köhler, Alexandra Korschefsky, Janna Rosin, Stephan Schröder, Nicole Szklarek, Janice Vering, Kira Wenzel, Ruven Wiegert
Book-Design: Lisa Köhler

Chief Editorship

Irmgard Sonnen




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Lisa Köhler


Lisa Köhler, Begleitung Prof.Irmgard Sonnen

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Sprache als Ereignis – Ein allegorischer Liebesbrief