SPRING #18 – Freedom

SPRING #18 – Freedom

Release: September 2021
Volume: 224 pages
Format: 20 × 24 cm
Price: 24.00 

Everyone wants to be free, and personal freedom in particular is promised everywhere. But what does that actually mean today? Where do we find these personal and social freedoms, and where are their limits? What is left of the sexual revolution, for example? And are thoughts really free?

In the current issue SPRING #18 – Freedom, the 11 illustrators tell stories of being free and their desires for freedoms, but also of being confined and of the limits we constantly set for ourselves and our unfolding. They follow their fantasies of transformation and change, overcome social norms and political hurdles, seek liberation in nature, illustrate their dreams, and for once replay evolution. In very different ways, they thus lead us to points of freedom.

SPRING magazine was founded in 2004 in Hamburg. Since then, every summer a new volume of the anthology is published, which combines the different works from the fields of comics, illustration and free drawing into one topic each. Since the beginning, the group consists exclusively of women and has become a solid and important network for female illustrators in Germany.


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Anke Feuchtenberger, Inga Kählke, Mari Kanstad­ Johnsen­, marialuisa, Birgit Weyhe, Doris Freigofas, Katharina Gschwendtner, Katrin Stangl, Larissa Bertonasco, moki, Stephanie Wunderlich


September 2021

Format in cm (w × h × d)

20 × 24 cm


224 pages


English, German



SPRING #18 – Freedom