“Triage-Tasche” by Raban Ruddigkeit × maesh

“Triage-Tasche” by Raban Ruddigkeit × maesh

Release: 2021
Format: 45 × 45 cm
Price: 150.00 

The “Triage-Tasche” by Raban Ruddigkeit × maesh pays homage to collective performance and social cohesion during the corona pandemic. The shape known as the everyday mask has been increased tenfold in size. The upcycling bags from old advertising tarpaulins are not only characterized by their large capacity, but are also dimensionally stable and slightly translucent. This makes the design item perfect as a beach bag, but also sets a very special accent as a wall object.

The bags were designed and produced by “Unter einem Dach  / Under One Roof–Society Office & Sewing Workshop”, a social business from Hanover. The non-profit company has set itself the task of helping people from all over the world to arrive in Hanover and to create sustainable prospects for the future. Since 2016, “Under One Roof” has also been running its own sewing workshop. Sustainable and unique bags are made from used maesh advertising banners under the lable MAESH.

15% of the proceeds from the “Triage-Tasche” will be donated directly to maesh / Under One Roof. Anyone who would like to support the social business beyond that can currently do so until May 18th, 2021 at www.startnext.com/maesh


Raban Ruddigkeit x maesh


Raban Ruddigkeit




limited to 15 pieces, each numbered & signed

Format in cm (w × h × d)

45 × 45 cm



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“Triage-Tasche” by Raban Ruddigkeit × maesh