Zukünfte gestalten

Zukünfte gestalten

Volume: 256 pages
Format: 25 × 18.1 × 2.5 cm
Price: 40.00 

“By designing and conveying future scenarios, you shape the future ideas of your fellow human beings and can thus indirectly design the future itself.”

For this we have to say goodbye to the future in the singular. Because this singular suggests that there is only one seemingly inevitable future. If we consistently put the term in the plural, we recognize the designability of the world. Design futuring opens up a new business field for you. And a new role with more relevance. With the help of the methods and tools presented in the book, creative people can make different futures tangible and enable people to make smarter decisions in the present. This allows you to design more than surfaces and interfaces. Ideally, you will become a designer: in a better world.


Verlag Hermann Schmidt


Gold und Wirtschaftswunder


256 pages




Thread-sewn hard cover with a color-printed Majestic Snow White cover and colored ribbon bookmark

Format in cm (w × h × d)

25 × 18.1 × 2.5 cm



Zukünfte gestalten