re_Creation 2022

re_Creation 2022

Creative Perspectives for the Future

Author: BDG Berufsverband Kommunikationsdesign e.V.

Creativity wins! But what if the courage to actually use it is lacking, if routines stifle creative power? Where is creativity really needed? And how can money be earned with creative ideas? re_Creation 2022 invites you to rediscover creative forces together and return to everyday life strengthened. With an inspiring program for head, heart, and hand, the BDG Berufsverband Kommunikationsdesign offers designers space to take a deep breath and develop new perspectives from May 26th to 28th, 2022.

In Berlin’s Wannseeforum the BDG will deal with topics that concern designers in their daily business with speakers who know what they are talking about because they come from the design industry. Among others: the author of the book Wir Internetkinder, Julia Peglow, with an evening BookTalk; the designer and coach Florian Caspers with the workshop Ambitious, creative and underchallenged—liberation from constricting routines; the agency owner Katrin Niesen with the workshop on her book Designprozesse gestalten and the designer Simon Wehr with an introduction to the design of workshops for clients.

At the centre of re_Creation 2022 is one thing above all: creativity. We will approach it together and alone from left, right, above, and below—in nature or at the lunch table. Because it is what drives our profession, challenges us, and leads us to inspiring solutions.

re_Creation 2022

May 26th–28th, 2022

Hohenzollernstraße 14
14109 Berlin

Meet & Sleep

May 26th 5 p.m. – 28th 3 p.m.
Workshops, two overnight stays, catering
€ 220.– for BDG Members
€ 150.– for student BDG members
€ 280.– € for non-members
€ 190.– € for students
all prices plus 19 % VAT

Just Meet
May 26th 5 p.m. – 28th 3 p.m.
Workshops, catering
€ 110.– for BDG Members
€ 75.– for student BDG members
€ 140.– for non-members 
€ 95.– for students
all prices plus 19 % VAT

Find further information here and the link to registrate!

re_Creation 2022