Indiecon 2022

Recap: Indiecon Festival 2022

Author: Julia Kahl

It’s quite a long time ago that we personally were part of Indiecon, the Independent Publishing Festival in Hamburg. More than ever publishers are permanently caught between repetition and reinvention—the topic of this year’s conference and fair with a more international lineup than ever before.

Independent magazine makers and lovers from all over the world shared their passion, stories and perspectives and made this event a place for discourse and cultural exchange. For the exhibiting publishers at Indiecon, there was a special opportunity to talk to independent publishing experts such as Kickstarter, DistriPress, Stack, funk magazine, and Athenaeum in a one-on-one setting with a focus on distribution and funding. Moreover there was a live printing Walk-in Workshop by Drucken3000 and Riso Germany where you could explore the possibilities of risograph printing and discover great paper at the Paper Bar by Inapa.

We really enjoyed the mix of upcoming talents presenting their zines with very small print runs and those who are already known but come up with interesting new projects regularly. Soon we will present you some findings on our channels ;)

Thanks a lot for having us, it was a big pleasure to be part of Indiecon and to meet so many people at our booth from all over the world. Thank you!

Indiecon 2022

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