Redesign Everything Challenge

Deadline Extended

Author: Greta Landmann

What Design Can Do and the Ikea Foundation extended the deadline for the The Redesign Everything Challenge! Get another chance to participate as the Redesign Everything Challenge seeks creative climate solutions across five main disciplines: products, materials, communications, spaces, and systems & services.

What Design Can Do and the IKEA Foundation launched the Redesign Everything Challenge, calling on global innovators to submit ideas that radically reshape our world. Emphasizing circular and regenerative solutions, the challenge addresses the urgent need for designers to play a role in transitioning to a fair and circular future amidst escalating climate breakdown. With climate crisis signs becoming more apparent, there’s a critical opportunity for creative solutions across all sectors to mitigate carbon emissions and address interconnected global challenges. To combat the climate crisis, designers play a vital role in transitioning to circular economy practices and fostering radical imagination. WDCD seeks innovative climate solutions across sectors like food, fashion, packaging, mobility, electronics, digital services, and construction. The Time to redesign everything is now.

In April 2024, a jury of leading experts in design, social impact and climate action will select a minimum of 10 winners. Winning ideas are turned into reality with € 5,000 in funding and a global development program, which includes online training, mentoring sessions and a bootcamp. This program will support the winning teams in further strengthening their projects and propelling them through 2024 and beyond. As part of the WDCD Challenge network, winners will have the opportunity to appear in global publications and opportunities to speak at WDCD events.

The initial deadline of March 13th has been extended to March 20th. Participants are encouraged to submit their projects online. Join in here!

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