schaubau 2022

International Summer School of Design Dessau

Author: Vicky Blake

schaubau 2022 is the international summer school of design in Dessau and will take place from August 14th until August 20th.

What is our social role as designers? What worldview are we helping to shape? For whom do we design? Are we designers on the side of the future? Do we want to live the way we design? Or was it all just a job in the end? Are you still thinking or are you already moving? In this year’s Summer School, schaubau is looking for your answers and perspectives, crafting messages for the future and challenging ideas for a new tomorrow. They will print your artworks as posters on the Risoprinter environmentally friendly and present them in the urban space.

In addition to designing and creating, a culturally program ensures a varied, sunny workshop week. So don’t forget your swim suits.

schaubau is a cooperation between BÜROHALLO, drucken3000, Projektschmiede Dessau e.V., Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and the partnerschaft Gelebte Demokratie Dessau-Roßlau.

schaubau 2022



Ferdinand-von-Schill-Straße 6
06844 Dessau

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