Über das Wesen der Schrift

Script – Über das Wesen der Schrift

About the nature of writing

Author: Juliane Noest

Do the existing writing systems suffice for future communication, even with machines? Script – Über das Wesen der Schrift is a fundamental reflection on the current state of our writing and the developments it will undergo in the future.

Our existing writing systems are among the most significant socio-cultural achievements–writing has profoundly influenced both our thinking and actions, and no technological progress would have been possible without it. However, the ongoing technological changes–the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, AI—require a structural shift that will impact how we think, communicate, and produce.

With this position paper, the author Christian Stindl initiates a long-overdue discourse on the prevailing practices in the field of font design. He criticizes the evident disparity between the steadily increasing number of formal reinterpretations of characters on one hand, and the lack of structural reflection on the Latin character system on the other.

With his book Script – Über das Wesen der Schrift, Christian Stindl embarks on a quest to explore the essence of the writing of the future. He questions its current relevance and simultaneously predicts the downfall of the Latin character system. In his view, a fundamental rethinking by font designers and a necessary realignment of this discipline are imperative.

Script – Über das Wesen der Schrift

Publisher: Triest
Design: Christian Stindl, Brühl
Format: 14.8 × 21 cm
Volume: 129 pages
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-03863-079-1
Price: € 29.– (DE)


Über das Wesen der Schrift

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