see conference 16

Author: Julia Kahl

Gaining Insight through Visualization–that’s the essence of the see-Conference in Wiesbaden, one of Germany’s largest design conferences with over 800 participants. Since 2006, the see-Conference has been dedicated to illustrating data and information. This is increasingly done in the context of sustainable concepts, as only effective presentation can make societal truths visible amidst the flood of information.

Interdisciplinary Gathering for a Better Future
The see-Conference unites what belongs together: Design, art, and architecture, of course—but also creatives from business and journalism, sociology, philosophy, and technology. People who are shaping a better future. The interdisciplinary curation of the see-Conference opens up new perspectives, revealing the impact of our actions on future generations—spurring us to take action. Learn from the best and apply it immediately—this also shapes the structure of the two-day conference: On Saturday, enjoy top-notch food for thought, and at the accompanying see-Camp on Sunday, get hands-on.

This Year’s Conference Line-up:
NEVILLE BRODY (EN), Graphic and Typeface Design
JÖRN MENGE (D), Loud Against Nazis
TEREZA RULLER (EN), The Rodina, Performance Graphics
BONNIE HVILLUM (EN), Bio-based Material Design
DR. MARK BENECKE (D), Criminal Biologist
M/M PARIS (EN), Design Studio

When and where?

April 6, 2024, 11 AM–6:30 PM, Kulturzentrum Schlachthof in Wiesbaden
April 7, 2024, 11 AM–6 PM, Scholz & Volkmer Campus in Wiesbaden

Info and Tickets:

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