Shapes of Data

J&J - New ways of visualising data

Author: Duo JnJ

Shapes of Data is an innovation created by Adrien Jacquemet and Basile Jesset, graphic designer and web developer respectively. In their view, the fields of data visualization and representation have not paid enough attention to the solutions that graphic design and web design could offer them. This is why Shapes of Data aims to create new ways of visualizing data.

To create their data visualizations, Adrien Jacquemet and Basile Jesset create web interfaces and variable typographies for each of the subjects they tackle. These tools make it possible to understand dense and complex data sets. The subject is the driving force behind the typographic design and graphic interface. Adrien Jacquemet and Basile Jesset design a unique web interface and variable typeface tailored to each theme. The Shapes of Data approach is very sensitive and can take an infinite number of forms.

Enhancing the value of data through strong and innovative design allows for highlighting or challenging contemporary social, economic, and environmental dynamics.

To demonstrate their concept, Basile Jesset and Adrien Jacquemet have created three websites that you are invited to visit at These three websites deal with three extremely different themes and demonstrate the multiple forms of Shapes of Data.

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