Slanted Shopping Thursday

Reportagen #45, Upstart, LOST Magazine #5 & Pixel, Patch und Pattern

Author: Slanted editors

Today is a perfect day to browse across our Slanted Shop and discover new publications. Therefore we present you two magazines and two books, which might be worth a look.

In the new Reportagen Magazine, the best authors around the globe have been sent to find the best stories for you. In this issue you will find, for example, Margherita Bettoni’s reports “Liebe mich oder stirb. Fast jeden dritten Tag tätet in Italien ein Mann seine Partnerin” and Alexander Krützfeldt “Noch einmal ans Meer. Ein Mann erfüllt Menschen, die bald sterben, ihre letzten Wünsche.”
Reportagen #45 at Slanted Shop, 128 pages, 16,5 × 23 cm, 15,00 €.

In Upstart must a business idea not only be ingenious, but also look good. Whether social business, tech start-ups or the barber around the corner—young entrepreneurs know that what counts these days is how they communicate their brand to the outside world. Their tailor-made solutions and their overall appearance testify to their creative attitude and attention to detail—from business cards to interior design and digital applications.
Upstart at Slanted Shop, 256 pages, 24 × 28 cm, 39,90 €.

LOST is a magazine about self-discovery through travel. It is a magazine that contains real stories, personal reflections and epiphanies from people all over the world. It believes that travel is not about fancy hotels or destinations, but about immersing yourself in a completely strange place to feel extremely uncomfortable, so you can learn from it. She believes that travelling is a state of mind. Issue Five contains 10 personal travelogues.
LOST Magazin at Slanted Shop, 268 pages, 17,5 × 24 cm, 25,00 €.

In Pixel, Patch und Pattern two worlds meet: the vibrating coolness of digital typography and the decelerating craft of knitting. Rüdiger Schlömer takes you step by step into the world of letter knitting. With pattern alphabets, for which he implements fonts by renowned type designers, Schlömer lays the foundation for your typographic expression with needle and yarn. Threads become lines and modules grid. Typographic knitting is not a new handicraft trend, but a graphic approach to a handicraft technique that in most of us has a sleeping beauty sleep, from which we simply want to wake it up.
Pixel, Patch und Pattern at Slanted Shop, 216 pages, 17 × 23 cm, 29,80 €.


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