Slanted in Amsterdam: Hansje van Halem

Slanted Magazine #41—Amsterdam

Author: Josephine Schroeder

Exploring Amsterdam’s design haven in issue 41  Slanted Magazine #41—Amsterdam! Join us on an enchanting journey through the captivating Dutch capital. We had the pleasure of immersing ourselves in the incredible world of Hansje van Halem at her vibrant creative studio. Get ready to be inspired!

Graphic designer Hansje van Halem (1978) gathered recognition with her distinctive typography and geometric, almost psychedelic illustrations built on complex patterns. Van Halem digitally scratches, draws or weaves her letters and designs stamps, posters and illustrations. Her design-experiments sometimes lead to commissioned applications for public space.

The work of Hansje can be found in the Slanted Magazine #41—Amsterdam. Additionally we shot a video interview with her, talking about her point of view on design and opinion about the future. Take a look at the Amsterdam issue and the video platform for diverse opinions, impressions, inspiration, and motivation.

Images: © Hansje van Halem / Slanted Publishers

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