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Slanted in Amsterdam: NXS WORLD

Slanted Magazine #41—Amsterdam

Author: Josephine Schroeder

Embarking on an exhilarating journey through Amsterdam’s realm of design, we delved deep into the heart of the captivating Dutch city, discovering its artistic treasures in our 41st issue of the Slanted Magazine. Our quest for creative inspiration led us to cross paths with Karolien Buurman and Monika Grūzīte of NXS WORLD. Stepping into their studio, we immersed ourselves in a dialogue about their collaborative approach to work and design.

NXS World is a collaborative research project born from the urge to trace the ever-evolving essence of the Self in the digital age. A manifold network of contributors—each responding to a preceding submission—digests large concepts of digital culture into tangible bits via written word or visual artworks, all coming together in an annual publication.

More about NXS World can be found in the Slanted Magazine #41—Amsterdam. Additionally we shot a video interview with Karolien and Monika, talking about their point of view on design and opinions about the future. Take a look at the Amsterdam issue and the video platform for diverse opinions, impressions, inspiration, and motivation.

Images: © NXS World / Slanted Publishers

NXS World

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