Slanted in L.A.: Karen To Nakada, Masato Nakada / Happening Studio

Slanted in L.A.: Happening Studio

Slanted Magazine #35—L.A.

Author: Laura Nadvornik

In a town like L.A. and on a production like Slanted’s, which brings together the material for a magazine, not everything has to work out. Often, the best things happen when they’re not planned, just as they did when we went to this gleaming city in fall 2019. We were happy to meet the luminaries from the local creative scene and we are thrilled to share our inspiring encounters with you.

While we were in L.A. we took a look into the activities of Happening Studio which is built on a creative force between Karen To and Masato Nakada, founded in 2014. Their studio’s output is constantly shifting between commercial work and playful investigations to maintain their practice to be flexible, imaginative, and independent. The studio recently expanded its service to Tokyo for Asian clients.

The work of Happening Studio can be found in the Slanted Magazine #35—L.A.. Additionally we shot a video interview to talk about their attitude and view of things. Take a look at our new issue and the video platform to encounter new ways of design thinking!

Slanted in L.A.: Karen To Nakada, Masato Nakada / Happening Studio

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