Slanted in Stockholm: Letters From Sweden

Slanted in Stockholm: Letters from Sweden

Slanted Magazine #39—Stockholm

Author: Vicky Blake

When visiting Stockholm in the summer of 2021, we took a close look at the contemporary design scene. We were happy to meet great designers from the local creative scene, among them Göran Söderström!

Göran Söderström is a self taught type designer and the founder of Letters from Sweden. He has designed custom typefaces for companies such as Acne Studios, Cadillac, Ableton, The Nobel Prize, Craft Sportswear, Lindex, and Nordea and his retail fonts are used worldwide. One of Göran’s typefaces has been carved in stone and he loves collaborations, vegan food, Ashtanga yoga, and his family.

Letters From Sweden’s work can be found in the Slanted Magazine #39—Stockholm. Additionally we shot a video interview to talk about his attitude and view of things. Take a look at our new issue and the video platform to encounter new ways of design thinking!

Portrait and studio photography: © Thomas Mandl
Product photography: © Letters from Sweden

Slanted in Stockholm: Letters From Sweden

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