Slanted in Stockholm: SNASK

Slanted in Stockholm: SNASK

Slanted Magazine #39—Stockholm

Author: Vicky Blake

When visiting Stockholm in the summer of 2021, we took a close look at the contemporary design scene. We were happy to meet great designers from the local creative scene, among them SNASK!

SNASK is your future romance. It is a creative agency of misfit geniuses conquering the world through fine looking design and real emotions. They seek to challenge conservative frameworks and do it with their backs straight, supported by their unbreakable values. SNASK is brave, bold, and real. They are doctors of disturbance, wizards of disruption, and spokesmen of disobedience.

Frederik Öst’s & Erik Kockum’s work can be found in the Slanted Magazine #39—Stockholm. Additionally we shot a video interview to talk about their attitude and view of things. Take a look at our new issue and the video platform to encounter new ways of design thinking!

Portrait and studio photography: © Thomas Mandl

Slanted in Stockholm: SNASK

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