Slanted Spezial Issue—Experimental Type 2.0

Slanted Magazine #40—Experimental Type 2.0

Call for Submission

Author: Helene Hohmann

Get ready, there is a second Call for Submissions: Submit your work for our Slanted Magazine #40—Experimental Type 2.0.

Since Slanted Magazine #40—Experimental Type sold out in a very short time and tons of people continue asking if we have a few issues left, we decided to reprint the publication—roughly the same, but different. Meaning all pages will be black and white and we will add some additional work. With this call, we would like to encourage all those who missed the first call to participate in the upcoming second edition by sending in their work now!

Experimental Type deals with experimental design strategies in typography and graphic design. The issue presents projects incorporating the accident into the design process, works based on mistakes and inaccuracy, fonts that derive from a concept or a system—in the end work that experiments or goes unconventional ways in design. The publication showcases cutting edge approaches as well as new experimental procedures, from processing to ai-generated typefaces or variable fonts. 

Graphic designers, illustrators, artists—you’re very welcome to submit your artwork with a statement/quote that explains your work. Submissions can be uploaded until May 6th, 2023.

After the call for submissions has closed we will curate and review all contributions and get in touch with you afterwards, if your work has been selected. The magazine will be published in early autumn 2023.

Slanted Spezial Issue—Experimental Type 2.0

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