Slanted Magazine #43—Ukraine

Spring / Summer 2024

Author: Greta Landmann

This Slanted issue is not about war. Instead, it delves into the lives of remarkable individuals within the creative industry in and hailing from Ukraine, as they endeavor to maintain a semblance of normalcy amidst their diligent efforts. This narrative underscores the inseparable bond between culture and design, raising the question of its feasibility.

During the NEED conference in Warsaw in early September 2023, the Ukrainian delegation motivated the Slanted team to initiate a magazine dedicated to the Ukrainian design sphere, advocating that “better now than never!” Without their invaluable assistance, input, and valor, such an endeavor would have been inconceivable. The editorial policy refrains from producing issues centered on a city or country if physical presence isn’t feasible, as the essence of a place cannot truly be captured from a distance. However, with each new connection established, the palpable tension among individuals becomes increasingly apparent, underscoring the universal impact of current circumstances.

The sheer volume of nearly 1,500 submissions was overwhelming, and the selection process inherently subjective. Despite meticulous deliberations, every decision, formulation, and work runs the risk of being perceived as flawed, insufficient, or misunderstood. The compilation features 20 interviews with designers and creatives both within and beyond Ukraine, offering diverse insights, responses, and perspectives.

Many of the showcased works and texts reflect upon the ongoing war, which has persisted for over two years. Despite this, there remains a glimmer of hope for its resolution, with a collective aspiration for design discourse to eventually transition to other topics. This issue serves as a significant contemporary time capsule, a testament to the profound impact of design, and an expression of Slanted Publishers’ unwavering commitment to this cause.

The magazine features three different covers with artworks by Mykola Kovalenko, Dasha Podoltseva, and Anna Sarvira (no selection can be made). 

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Slanted Magazine #43—Ukraine

Publisher, Editor, Design: Slanted Publishers
Cover Artwork: Mykola Kovalenko, Dasha Podoltseva, Anna Sarvira

Release: April 2024
Format: 16 × 24 cm
Volume: 224 pages
Language: English
Printing: Offset printing in full color with spot color, Stober Medien
Bookbinding: Swiss brochure with flaps with open thread stitching by Schaumann
Cardboard Cover: ina®star 1S, 330 g/sm
Paper Inside: Condat matt Périgord, 135 g/sm, distributed by Inapa Deutschland, Holmen Trnd 2.0, 80 g/sm, manufactured by Holmen Paper
Finishing: Glossy foil lamination
ISBN: 978-3-948440-71-8
ISSN: 1867-6510
Price: € 22.–

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