Slanted Open House—Recap

Books, Drinks, Get Together

Author: Nina Vollmer

We are more than thrilled about our first Open House last Thursday—it was a wonderful evening with great guests, conversations, drinks, books, and laughs!

We are very happy that so many of our readers and friends came to our office in Karlsruhe—even from Czech Republic. It was a pleasure to meet everyone in person, to get to know some of our readers, and to exchange thoughts on books. Over a drink or two, we had inspiring conversations with everyone who came. At our book flea market everyone could browse through many of our books and get their hands on some of the last copies.

Thank you to everyone who showed up and also to all our readers and supporters in general! ❤️

This may have been the first, but certainly not the last Slanted Open House—see you (again) next time!

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