Experimental Search About Visual Language

Author: Franzi Haeussner

Look, observe, search, experiment. Sniffing the city and discovering its language. Snifform is a project by Husmee that invites everyone to participate in a collective graphic design project.

As in the past with projects such as Timeless Massimo Vignelli or 60 Helvetica, Husmee is now developing another project of its own: Snifform.

This project aims to explore and test urban morphology in all its aspects and dimensions, from basic static figures to the formal dynamics of digital space.

Starting from a photograph, using basic geometry and the Snifform grid as a base, shapes are (de)organized and synthesized in a layout system to form one or more graphic pieces that resemble the core structure.

On November 19th, 2021 the website was launched and on Instagram the base document and the Snifform grid were shared to invite everyone to experiment graphically and participate with their own exercises.

The purpose is to bring two cents to graphic design, away from ties and commercial demands, encouraging people to experiment, explore their urban environment, and have fun creating graphic pieces in a common and collective project.

The project is open to anyone who has the curiosity to experiment and the will to enjoy in a graphic sense, with absolute freedom.


Visit the website to get more informations and download the grid to be part of the project. You can check out the exercises on instagram


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