Transdisciplinary Symposium No. 4 in Marktoberdorf in the Allgäu region

Author: Nina Vollmer

This time, the interdisciplinary symposium Stadt.Land.Schluss is entirely focused on (post-)growth and poses the question: “How can we do with less?”

How do we design not just less, but the concept of less itself? What does it mean for a society built on growth? How can design contribute to ensuring that our foundations for life are not destroyed? Because we don’t have a problem with understanding, but with implementation. When we consider the influence of things like advertising and design on people’s behavior, we can recognize the potential.

Whether it’s climate change, the finiteness of resources, or social justice: in the medium term at least, there will have to be an ecological and social transformation of the economy. How will businesses and politics deal with this? Will they act or react? How do they face change and the challenges it presents? Could having less actually offer more opportunities?

How to do less?
This is not just a question, but the question—of survival. And doing less also needs to be shaped: fairer, better, more beautiful, more inclusive … that’s precisely the topic of the interdisciplinary symposium.

Featuring speakers from the fields of architecture, sociology, digitalization, design, Marxism, and political science, including a nun … and plenty of time for questions, discussions, conversations, and eating …

Stephan Lessenich
Sociologist and Director of the Institute for Social Research Frankfurt: “The Reality of Possibility or We Can Do Things Differently.”

Sarah-Indra Jungblut
from RESET: “Cheerful to Cloudy – How Harmful Is Digitalization to the Climate?”

Simon Wahlers
Designer with an office and edition named Zweifel. He contemplates how one can still be a creator while it feels like the world is falling apart.

Sister Daniela
from the Crescentia Monastery in Kaufbeuren: “For Me”—Monastic Philosophy of Life. Who knows better how to do “less”!?

Till Gröner
Founder of supertecture in Kaufbeuren, a volunteer organization for social construction projects worldwide: “Always Nice and Slow.”

Michael Jäger
Political scientist, Germanist, Marxist, and editor (der Freitag): “Ecodemocracy – How Democratic Processes Can Also Reach and Transform the Economy.”

… plus exciting short presentations from:
– Architects 4 Future (Munich Group) on “Enough Space!”
– ALPINLABOR Innsbruck: “More with Less – Low-Threshold Construction Projects as Initiators for Sustainable Development.”
– gruppe dezentral & with the vocabulary of “Letting Be.”
– Svenja Dalferth showcases her magazine “Abundance” (FH Pforzheim).
– Astrid Köppel resonanzOrganisationen, Wunsiedel: “Less Requires More Courage.”


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