Stand Der Dinge / State of Things

Stand Der Dinge / State of Things

A Typographical Exploration of the Potential Legacy of a Person

Author: farinamichelle

Stand der Dinge / State of Things is the bachelor thesis of Farina Michelle at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. The book is a typographical exploration of the potential legacy of a person. In the form of lists, she describes her current material possessions, immaterial facts about her persona and precisely described memorabilia. Black boxes and line spacing of different sizes describe the relationship to her objects. Cross-references throughout the book provide insight into how her thoughts are linked and contrast the restrained design, which was modeled on the bureaucratically aloof work of a curator of estate.

The thesis was supervised by Prof. Pierre Pané-Farré and Prof. Vincent Kohlbecher. The book has been shortlisted for the Young Book Design Award.

Stand der Dinge / State of things

Designer & Editor: Farina Michelle
Release date: January 2023
Volume: 180 p.
Format: 20.5 × 26.5 cm
Language: German
Printing: Reset St.Pauli
Binding and Paper: thread binding (production: Buchbinderei Begemann, Hamburg), Munken Polar 100 g/sm
Cover: green-black linen (manufacturer: peyer), screen print (production help: Julian Fiebach)
Fonts: Atlas Grotesk, Atlas Typewriter

Stand Der Dinge / State of Things

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