Footnotes #1


Footnotes is a new, small publication from Switzerland that focuses on type design. The first issue publishes 4 articles and one reprint, each from archives or private collections.

František Štorm reports about his work with Josef Týfa, the studio Carvalho Bernau shares its experiences with the new drawing of the Olivetti font Candia by Josef Müller-Brockmann. The world of typewriter fonts is illustrated with 200 small examples and Alan Bartram’s article from 1962, the original of which was published in the publication Typography.

Louise Paradis writes about technology and font choice that led her to upgrade the Neue Haas for a publication on the Typographische Monatsbätter. Last but not least, Brigitte Schuster tells the story of Haas Typefoundry Ltd. based on stories by Alfred Hoffmann.


All in all, the articles are very worth reading, the design in some places perhaps a bit confusing—a little more space would certainly have suited the content. For fans of typewriter fonts, this is certainly a publication you would like to call your own.

Table of contents:

Field recordings of human resources
No hints just clues.
Mathieu Christe

Pastis & Cigarettes
Josef Týfa first published Academia as metal type.
František Štorm

One-off One: Joseph
Josef Müller-Brockmann fitting the typewriter’s grid.
Studio Carvalho Bernau

Typewriter type faces
Recollecting aesthetics of spacing constraints.
Alan Bartram

The Race for Unica
One-off Two: Unica Intermediate
Portemanteau design back in fashion.
Louise Paradis

The Haas Typefoundry Ltd. in an International Environment
Changes and Developments in its Organisation and Operation—part 1
Looking back, down the rabbit hole.
Brigitte Schuster

Test in progress typefaces at ideal ink density.


Publisher and design: Mathieu Christe
Publisher: La Police
Release date: 2016
Scope: 48 pages
Size: 16,5 × 23,5 cm
Language: English
Version: 2-coloured, stapled
ISSN: 2504-0413
Price: 18 CHF plus shipping