In Person von Civan Ozkanoglu


Den nächsten Fotografen, der wir euch anlässlich unseres Istanbul Photography Specials vorstellen möchten, ist Civan Ozkanoglu. Der türkische Fotograf stellte seine fotografischen Arbeiten schon in namenhaften Galerien auf der ganzen Welt aus, wir zeigen euch hier seine Fotoserie “In Person”.

“After my first photographic series Non Guilty, I felt like I should move more from stranger to familiar or outside to inside. In Person is a series that I tried to be more involved with the subjects and places. Most images that was selected for this series represents and reminds a specific time period and places in my life. It is more like understanding myself or what I went through.”

Civan im Interview:

Why and when did you start photographing?

It was the time I started university to study public administration and political science. After I realised that I made a wrong choice with the faculty, I started looking something that could make life easier to express myself. And my father’s camera had been sitting there for years. So, it was the first tool that I grabbed to communicate with people and the rest.

In which topics are you interested most in your work?

It has changed over the years. When I first started photographing I was more interested in topics that was kind of far to my environment. I was looking for the ‘photograph’ somewhere outside. But my hometown, family, around my family, mundane places are more in my attention for the last couple of years. 

How important is technique for you?

Last but not least.

Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by places and memories that I revisit. Witnessing the change of places, people and their stories always trigger me. Other than that, coming across a Stephen Gill book always motivates me or work discipline of Taryn Simon and Susan Meiselas… or Lieko Shiga’s strong language in her little world.

What makes a good photo story?

I appreciate works that leave some space for viewer.

Are there any websites you’re visiting or publications you’re reading regularly?

Photo Book Corner, e-flux journal, m-est.org, ArabImageFoundation, Saltonline.org, Vice news, HyperAllergic

1983 born artist’s works have been exhibited at Istanbul Museum of Modern Art; the National Academy Museum, New York; 440 Gallery, Brooklyn; District Fine Art Gallery, Washington, D.C.; The 1st International Istanbul Biennial of Photography; CDA Projects, Istanbul, Elipsis Gallery (Editions III); Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery and Sıhhiye Multi-storey Car Park in Ankara. He did workshops in collaboration with Copradeli Foundation, Peru/Washington D.C. and KAÇUV Foundation, Istanbul. His works have been published in various publications, including Brooklyn Magazine, ICE Magazine and m-est.org. He lives and works in Brooklyn and Istanbul.