Jack Daniels Custom fonts


“Jack Daniels” is a series of custom fonts by Carlos Segura / T26 Digital Type Foundry, designed for Jack Daniels Distillery. For the project, the three well-known writings of Black Label (c.1904) have been completely redesigned.

The "Jasper" font is based on the well-known Jack Daniels logo (named after the first name of Jack Daniels). The real visual gem, however, is the sophisticated "Lynchburg Script" font, based on the Tennessee logo on the label. The "custom font set" is completed by the "Motlow", which bears the name of Jack Daniel's nephew (Lem Motlow, inherited the Distillery).

Also worthy of mention is the "Cartype" blog by Carlos Segura, which offers a comprehensive collection of automotive emblems, logos, ratings, typographic and graphical applications, and more. In addition, categories such as recent articles, specific car case histories, and a variety of auto ratings make the website much more understandable and interesting.