Jalo Helsinki

Design made in Finland

When we travelled to Helsinki last summer to discover the design scene there, we were flooded with the abundance of good design. That’s why in the upcoming Slanted issue #29—Helsinki, which will focus on graphic design, illustration and type design, we will also take a look at Finnish product design that is innovative, practical, modern and incredibly well-designed. We would also like to introduce a few companies online, such as Jalo Helsinki, which was founded by Mikko Järvenpää & Olli Nuutila in 2009.

Jalo Helsinki produces products that can save your life. The company develops award-winning designed fire protection products for domestic use for the international market under the motto “Safety can be beautiful.”

Jalo Helsinki makes life safer through design, through beautiful fire protection products that people want to add to their everyday lives and interior design. A proverb says that “a life is saved for every 10,000 fire alarms.” In this sense, Jalo Helsinki has saved 40 lives so far.

So far Jalo Helsinki has fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and fire blankets in its range. The most sold product is the smoke detector KUPU.

You can find out more about Jalo Helsinki at


Jalo Helsinki / LENTO – Smoke Alarm

Jalo Helsinki / Fire Blanket

Jalo Helsinki / PHOENIX Fire Extinguisher

Jalo Helsinki / KUPU Smoke Alarm