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Letterform Collected


Beim Jahresputz ist mir diese kleine Publikation in die Hände gekommen. Das 112-seitige Heft erschien zusammen mit der Oktober-Ausgabe von Grafik , dem Londoner Magazine for Graphic Design.

Ich habe leider nicht herausfinden können, wo diese Publikation noch erhältlich ist.
Beschreibung auf Fontfeed von Yves Peters | September 17, 2009

Letterform Collected is a typographic compendium featuring Letterform, the much-loved typography feature that has been running in Grafik Magazine since 2005. In this monthly column graphic designers sing praise of one single character from a specific typeface. All of the characters featured were hand-picked by a Who’s Who? of the graphic design world. Letterform Collected also features new, exclusive content. Beautifully designed and printed, the book should be a great read for all designers and type lovers. Contributors include David Hillman, Jon Forss (Non-Format), Daniel Eatock, Michael C Place (Build), Angus Hyland, Vince Frost, Freda Sack, Gareth Hague (Alias), and Becky Smith (Lula).

Letterform collected_Slanted_01.jpg