Limited Mondaine Helvetica Uhr, designed by Erik Spiekermann / Lottery


Straightforward, precise and stylish – this is how the Zurich watch manufacturer Mondaine produces its classics, which are appreciated all over the world. The latest series goes back to the tradition of Swiss typography and bears the name Helvetica™, after the classic typeface by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann published in 1957. Especially for the upcoming TYPO Berlin Design Conference, Mondaine has now launched a limited edition model, the dial designed by TYPO founder and host Erik Spiekermann.

There are only 40 copies of the TYPO Helvetica watch, (!) with light grey dial, black main hands, white second hand and red 12 o’clock line. Erik Spiekermann about his design: “As with the Mondaine station clock for 30 years tradition, I renounced numbers and gave the second hand a colorful emphasis. The round minute marks are set in 6 pt from the central point of the Helvetica Regular.”

Mondaine brand manager Brigit Bircher adds: “It was a pleasure and an honour for us to have Erik Spiekermann design the dial for this Special Edition. For us, Helvetica is an enrichment with an inexhaustible reservoir of variations and possibilities; and its unspectacular appearance fits perfectly with the core values of the Mondaine brand for us: simple, timeless, Swiss.”

The Spiekermann Mondaine watch won’t be available for purchase … you have to earn it. For example by participating in one of 12 raffles around the TYPO conference.

And 2 of the total 40 watches we raffle exclusively to the Slanted readers! To take part in the raffle, write an email with the subject “Spiekermann-Mondaine-Uhr” to [email protected]. The raffle ends on Monday, 09.05.2016, 11 am. The winners will then be announced. Whoever takes part in the raffle agrees to receive news from Slanted. Legal recourse is excluded. We wish everyone good luck!

If you are not lucky here, you should visit the Mondaine booth at the TYPO, design your own dial and submit it to the competition. The best design will be produced especially for the winner. Further information can be found at

TYPO Berlin “Beyond Design”
May 12—14, 2016
House of World Cultures

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