Die Studierenden Martin Jahnecke, Friederike Kühne, Bastian Renner und Jana Steffen des Studiengangs Kommunikationsdesigns der Hochschule für Kunst und Design Halle haben nach dem Projekt Geschlossene Gesellschaft mit »Opferpopp« ein weiteres interessantes Projekt gemacht. Es wurde dieses Jahr beim TDC ausgezeichnet und zwei Plakate erhielten zudem beim Wettbewerb »100 Beste Plakate« eine Auszeichnung.

About Opferpopp:
Brochure about the production of the piece Opferpopp at the Thalia Theater Halle designed by Friederike Kühne, Jana Steffen, Martin Janecke and Bastian Renner.

The theatre play Opferpopp, based on texts by Roland Topor, was almost exclusively played by lay actors. Domestic violence, the omnipresence of the media and the indifference, are the piece’s major themes. The semester project consisted of documenting the preparation of the piece, the audience’s reaction, the media response and the students’ own view of the events.

The resulting documentation is arranged in six booklets, each of which has been folded down from a DIN-A0 sized poster to the final A3 format.

One side of the poster shows statements about the piece combining typography and pictures, while the other side contains the editorial content.

Copies are always sent in pairs, thus allowing the documentation to function both as additional work material for the theatre play and as a form of display for schools or theatre foyers.