Square Sans Condensed Pro


Die Square Sans von Parachute hat Zuwachs bekommen. Zu jedem der sechs Schnitte von Thin bis Extra Black mit passenden Kursiven gibt es jetzt einen Condensed Schnitt bei der griechischen Foundry. 

Pressetext: Square Sans Pro is one of Parachute’s most popular typefaces. It has been used by the likes of companies such as Samsung and organizations like the European Commission. Now a new version has just been released. 

Square Sans Condensed Pro is a square-shouldered, modern and self-assured text typeface which lends style to a variety of projects. With its generous x-height, full-bodied counters and uniform stroke weight, it provides high legibility and uniform typographic color at all sizes. This is an exceptionally warm and comprehensive type family with rounded edges and softened curves which possesses a robust and friendly appearance. 

The family consists of 12 fonts – from Extrablack to Thin – including true italics. It supports opentype features like small caps, fractions, ordinals, etc. and offers multilingual support for all European languages including Greek and Cyrillic.


Square Sans Condensed

Foundry: Parachute
Designer: Panos Vassiliou
Veröffentlichung: November 2013
Format: OpenType, Webfonts
Schnitte: Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Extra Black, jeweils mit Italics
Preis pro Schnitt: OpenType 65 €, Webfonts ab 65 €
Preis Familie: OpenType 510 €, Webfonts ab 510 €