STUCK magazine—Issue 001

STUCK Magazine

Issue 001—subworld episodes

Author: Tessa Breuer

In today’s ever digitized and often deceptive media landscape, there is an increasing need for a counterbalance: for an independent, high-gloss, low-circulation print magazine; one that uses art as an alternative communication channel to inform readers about contemporary social concerns that are usually ignored by mainstream media.

One and a half years later, after the Berlin-based STUCK Magazine launched its first-ever pilot print issue (000), now the second edition (001)—with the title subworld episodes—is launched: Since then the team has learned about new methods of journalistic, editorial, and design production: “We picked up new skills and broadened our network of friends and like-minded individuals. This improvement can certainly be seen in our latest issue. However, we’re still sticking to our original way of doing things—staying true to our mission, our style of curation, and our aesthetics.”

For the new issue STUCK has also teamed up with other independent creative projects—such as Solo Show, Siilk Gallery, and Guerrilla Bizarre—that contribute well to the ethos and energy of the magazine. Individual artists that come from various disciplines also have their place in the magazine—to adorn the outcome with their individual backgrounds, visions, and opinions. Artists and topics featured:

  • Tyler Cala Williams, When words fail, alternatives speak
  • Ingrato, We are all part of a global freak show
  • Lazygawd, An ode to nerds and passionate obsessives
  • Siilk Gallery, freedom of expression
  • BodySnatchers, the technosphere and its absurd impacts
  • Malte Bartsch, exploring electronic utopias
  • Solo Show, gothic pastoral
  • Guerrilla Bizarre feat. ISAbella, transformative future of underground clubbing

The new issue is divided into two episodes—modes of expression and imagined futures—that leads the reader through a subworld of eight impressive chapters that inspire by disclosing alternate modes of expression and stirring the imagination about worlds that are beyond ours, closing the book with a tasteful poem. Topics that are covered include the complexity and challenges of self-expression in today’s world, about the impact of hyper-used technologies and on future civilizations, about the transformative development of subcultures, and much more.

STUCK Magazine 

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STUCK magazine—Issue 001

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