STUCK magazine

STUCK magazine

Issue 000—Born Out Of Odd Circumstances

Author: Tessa Breuer

The first English-language print edition of STUCK Magazine—Born Out Of Odd Circumstances, influenced by the dislocation and uncertainty of the global pandemic, provides a trustable platform and brings together the personal stories and works of selected artists from various walks of life. They explore art and stories born from multiple different subcultures and individual practices, from the visual to the audio and the written.

“Across the world, we find ourselves in a common landscape that only a few scientists and science-fiction enthusiasts could have imagined. Our reality is the stuff of post-apocalyptic fantasy, except there has been no apocalypse, and there is no ‘post.’ We are living through precedented unprecedented times—the stuff we had relegated to fiercely- repressed history, only for it to emerge chaotic amid a new strain of technology, travel and international transportation.”

Berlin-based STUCK Magazine was envisioned before this radical shift of our realities, yet came to birth in the midst of it. The aim—to create a physical, print publication that serves as a trustable platform for underrepresented, under-recognized, and underground artists—is a valuable one regardless, but one which serves a more profound purpose in this new era.

STUCK Magazine is a community for modern culture, a catalyst for the exploration of unheard realities. They believe in an aesthetic of truth, without boundaries, geographies or cultural limitations. STUCK proposes a new way into the varied artistic dialects of the imagination, one that is simultaneously expansive and tangible …

In Issue 000, they talk about diversity in media production and the disruption of digitalization on the contemporary art market, about the fluctuating boundaries of subcultures and the inescapable nature of crime, about self-perception, gender norms, and oppressive external influences. Each chapter is dedicated to one artist. STUCK provides a platform for their works and stories to shed light on personal challenges that modern society and the pandemic brings. Through this they unfold and give understanding of hidden subcultures that shape contemporary life.

The second issue of STUCK was funded via crowdfounding and will be realized in December 2022. Take a look at the project here.

STUCK magazine

Contributors: Jacopo Borrini, Marius Thielmann, Rebecca Took, Miriam Partington, Nadine Toussaint, Arne Grugeln
Featured Artits: Stefan Hunt, James J Robinson, Laura Gerte, Li Ya Wen, Lunga Ntila, Gabber Eleganza, Robuche, Camilla Louisa, Shayan Sajadian, Person918x, Marjan Moghaddam, Bakunista Sect
Volume: 136 pages
Format: 270 × 210 mm
Glossy sewn softcover brochure
Printing: KOPA Printing House
Price: € 12.–

STUCK magazine

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