Inspirational Platform for Conscious Living

Author: Franzi Haeussner

Today we would like to introduce you to sturbock, an inspiring platform for people who want to live a conscious life away from mass consumption without giving up the idea of design and aesthetics.

The brands that sturbock presents deliberately focus on authentic brands with charm and a special story, which is made accessible to you at sturbock—both on the website and on social media. Either you browse through the diverse product feed, click through topic-specific sets that facilitate the search for the right product, or read exciting articles in the sturbock magazine.

Especially during the Christmas season, the topic of consumption is omnipresent, because don’t we all love gifts? It doesn’t matter whether we receive them or give them away to our loved ones. For sturbock, however, the most important thing is what we consume. They care about the origin of the products, the materials used, the people and stories behind the products and brands. They want gifts to make sense again and, most importantly, they want the recipient to enjoy them for a long time. How nice is the idea of giving sustainability as a gift? That’s why sturbock has put together stylish gift sets. There really is something of everything—whether organic wine, natural cosmetics, fair fashion, or interior products from Germany. So you can find the right gifts for all your loved ones and do something good for regional brands and the environment at the same time.

Find the platform sturbock here


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