Superfuture Design Festival

Superfuture Design Festival

Transformation and New Perspectives

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At the Superfuture Design Festival, designers from different design disciplines come together to exchange ideas, inspire, and network in talks, panel discussions, roundtables, exhibitions, and get-togethers about the potential of design as a discipline that shapes the future.

All speakers and exhibitors
Lisa Baumgarten (Critical design mediator, designer, author, researcher, and teacher/learner, GER)—#1 Am Ast sägen auf dem ich sitze
Nathalie Gebert (Media artist, GER)—Symbiotic Transmitter
Nienke Hoogvliet (Designer, NL)—(re)VALUE materials
Noa Jansma (Multimedia Artist/Designer, NL)—Buycloud
Ruben Pater (Designer/Writer/Teacher, NL)—CAPSLOCK
Lasse Schlegel, David Schwarzfeld (Graphicdesigner, GER)—Projekt Platzhalter
Daniel Szalai (Artist, HU)—Unleash Your Herd’s Potential

The Future Can be Shaped
Our present is a product of diverse creative decisions: What and how we design shapes the world we live in. But what does the future look like? What is possible? What is probable? What is desirable? And what do we design if we want to achieve what is truly desirable? At the Superfuture Design Festival in Hanover, local and international designers come together to share progressive approaches and exchange on methodologies and practices in design as a driving force for a regenerative and equal future. We invite renowned designers with impulses from the fields of design research, material design, graphic design, and design education.

Superfuture Talks
As part of the Superfuture Talks, the festival invites local and international designers. Together they address the question “What can and must design do in the 21st century to solve man-made challenges?”. In keynote speeches, panel discussions, interviews, and round tables they share their experiences in testing critical and constructive design approaches and methodologies. The Talks are an invitation to exchange, discuss and network.

Superfuture Exhibition
The exhibition Nature’s Commodities deals with the economic appropriation of nature and reflects on our relationship to other living beings. Today, nature and its industrial reproduction serve primarily the purpose of commodification and multiplication of private wealth. The exhibition shows three artistic positions: Nature as digital commodity. Nature as an algorithmically produced entity. And nature as a symbiosis between organism and technological construct.

The Team
– Festival director: Claudia Bumb, Thimm Bubbel
– Collaboration: Fernanda Braun Santos, Clara Birkmann
– Concept & Idea: Katrin Brümmer, Claudia Bumb, Thimm Bubbel, Norbert Schaal
– Artistic advice: Henner Rosenkranz, Gallery BOHAI
– Design: Bureau Bordeau, Hanover

Superfuture Design Festival

Vernissage June 24th, 6 p.m. — Galerie Bohai
Talks June 25th, 3:30 p.m. — Hafven
Exhibition June 26th – July 3rd — Galerie Bohai 

Galerie Bohai
Schwarzer Bär 6
30449 Hanover

Schwarzer Bär 2
30449 Hanover

Reduced: 9.– Euro (incl. 1 Drink)
Normal: 11.– Euro (incl. 1 Drink)
Support: 20.– Euro (incl. 2 Drinks)

Tickets are valid for the Talks at Hafven on June 25th
The number of seats is limited.
Admission to the gallery is free.

Superfuture Design Festival

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