Tag der Schrift 2022

Tag der Schrift 2022

Conference About Typography

Author: Vicky Blake

The Tag der Schrift 2022 is an annual joint educational event organized by the Schule für Gestaltung Zürich and the syndicom trade union (visual communication sector). Tobias Rechsteiner, Chris Campe, Jan Fromm, Samara Keller, and Rudolf Barmettler will give talks and lead workshops.

Slanted raffles a ticket for the whole day + a workshop of your choice including lunch! To participate, simply write an email until 14.03. 2022 (UTC +1) to [email protected] with the subject “Tag der Schrift 22”. The winner will be drawn after the deadline and contacted by email. Who participates in the raffle, agrees to receive news from Slanted and accepts the privacy policy. Legal recourse is excluded. We wish you good luck!

Tobias Rechsteiner is a type and graphic designer who commutes between Berlin, Basel, and Bern. He is co-founder of the design studio prolog.work in Basel and works as a business manager for the type foundry Grilli Type. Tobias Rechsteiner teaches typography at the Schule für Gestaltung Bern and Biel. Together with Reto Moser he developed the typeface GT Haptik, and in 2018 his own typeface GT Zirkon was published, both by Grilli Type.

Chris Campe is a designer and writer based in Hamburg. With her office All Things Letters she is specialized in type and designs everything with letters: books, covers, logos, illustrations, walls, and shop windows. Chris trained as a bookseller and studied communication design and cultural studies. She has published two books on Hamburg and four on type design. She is one of the founders of the Berlin Letters-Festival and also shares her knowledge in workshops, lectures and social media.

Jan Fromm is a freelance type and graphic designer. In addition to working for agencies and direct clients, he sells his own typefaces under the label Jan Fromm. His families are contemporary, well-built text fonts that work wonderfully in long texts and large point sizes: Jan Fromm’s main focus is on good legibility and visual independence. His latest publications include the typefaces CamingoSlab and Capito.

Samara Keller is a typeface and graphic designer from Zurich. Her work includes animation, poster design, type design, and wordmarks. The goals of her design work are to fully exploit the aesthetic potential of type and its ability to convey moods. In addition to the aesthetic impact of type, she is interested in the technological aspects of type and the possibilities it offers.

Rudolf Barmettler taught typeface and typography at the Zurich University of the Arts, where he was responsible for continuing education in typography and type design and was head of the visual communication department. Since 2002, he has been teaching the evening course at the Zurich School of Design.

Tag der Schrift 2022

April 9th, 2022

Schule für Gestaltung Zürich
Ausstellungsstrasse 104
8005 Zürich

Morning (Presentations): CHF 60.–
Afternoon (Workshops): CHF 40.–
Full day: CHF 90.–

Tag der Schrift 2022