TDC69 Call for Entries

TDC69 Call for Entries

Competition for Type Design, Typography, and Lettering

Author: Tessa Breuer

The Type Directors Club, the world’s leading typography organization and part of The One Club for Creativity, announces significant expansion in accepted work and a host of additional changes to its annual awards with the opening of TDC69 Annual Competition call for entries.

Previously divided into two competitions, one each for Communications Design and Typeface Design, the program is now a single competition under this year’s umbrella of TDC69, consisting of three disciplines: Type Design, Typography, and, for the first time, Lettering.

The new dedicated discipline for Lettering is for work where the letters were created or modified. This includes contemporary lettering, traditional calligraphy, sign painting, wordmarks and custom logos, digital or analog distortions, eccentric display typefaces, and more. This new discipline has its own dedicated jury, made up of some of the world’s leading lettering practitioners and experts.

The Type Design discipline is for entries showcasing the design of typefaces. New this year, it also allows for entries of any thematically applicable code or software, such as software for creating or generating type.

The third discipline, Typography, is the broadest one. It encompasses any design or creation that uses type, lettering, or written language as a significant element, and is an expansion of what was previously the TDC Communications Design discipline. Typography includes graphic design, UI/UX, environmental design or architecture with typographic elements, film, animation and motion design, social media campaigns, new media, and anything else where typography is used.

To be eligible, work must have been produced or published in the 2022 calendar year. This year’s awards competitions continues TDC’s commitment to expanding the level of diversity and representation in its juries. A full lust of this year’s juries by discipline can be found here.

TDC69 Call for Entries

Regular deadline: January 17th, 2023
Final deadline: March 3rd, 2023
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TDC69 Call for Entries