The 2022 Type Trends Lookbook

The 2022 Type Trends Lookbook

The New Normal

Author: Vicky Blake

Today we would like to present you the new publication The 2022 Type Trends Lookbook by Zetafonts in which our founder Julia Kahl has also found a place with an interview. We are very happy about this feature and really like its outcome.

Zetafonts believes that typography can and should be a tool to design and communicate in a more responsible and conscious way. This is why they sponsor each year the work of the educational team of Typecampus, which analyzes visual trends as a way to reflect on global design culture.

They are proud to present you the results of this research: The 2022 Type Trends Lookbook. An inspirational guide to typographic and design trends, featuring work from type and design professionals, out now in digital format and free to download.

The release of The 2022 Type Trends Lookbook coincides with new dramatic and unexpected events—a period that demands awareness and knowledge by everybody working in visual design and communication.

Rather than just looking at the trendy surface styles, designers and brands are required to pay attention to the meaning of their visual choices. And whether this meaning is found in a shared dream or in a choral action, this book can be a useful tool to help your design become more critical and conscious of the world around us.

This year Zetafonts are also featuring new contributions, asking some of the most influential designers in the typographic world about their views on visual trends.

They interview and feature the work, among others, of Nadine Chahine (I love typography), Amber Weaver (Type01), Hector Ayuso (Offf! Barcelona), Francesco Franchi (La Repubblica), Julia Kahl (Slanted), Raissa Pardini, Tina Touli, TypeType, Valentina Casali (Sunday Büro), and Bill Gardner (Logolounge).

Check the full story and don’t miss the chance to get the digital edition!

The 2022 Type Trends Lookbook

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